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Illuminate your skin’s natural beauty with Dermaplaning, a non-invasive skincare treatment that delivers instant results. Dermaplaning is a form of exfoliation that gently scrapes away the top layer of dull, dead skin cells and vellus hair (also known as peach fuzz), revealing a smoother, brighter complexion beneath. Explore the world of Dermaplaning, and step into a future of revitalized, radiant skin.

Dermaplaning: $85-$200

Dermaplaning: A Gentle, Effective Approach to Exfoliation

Experience the gentle effectiveness of Dermaplaning, a non-invasive exfoliation treatment that delivers instant results. By removing the uppermost layer of dead skin and peach fuzz, Dermaplaning reveals the vibrant, fresh skin underneath and promotes faster cell turnover.

Achieve Instant Radiance with Dermaplaning

With Dermaplaning, witness an immediate transformation. The process reveals a smoother, brighter complexion that not only looks radiant but is also better able to absorb skincare products, thereby maximizing their benefits.

Experience Safe and Comfortable Skin Rejuvenation with Dermaplaning

Your safety and comfort are our priorities. That’s why Dermaplaning is performed by trained skincare professionals using a sterile, surgical-grade scalpel, ensuring a safe, comfortable, and painless exfoliation experience.

Expand Your Skincare Possibilities with Dermaplaning

Dermaplaning opens up a world of skincare possibilities. Not only does it improve the skin’s texture and tone, but it also prepares the skin for further treatments, allowing them to penetrate deeper and work more effectively.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is Dermaplaning?

Dermaplaning is a form of exfoliation that involves gently scraping off the top layer of dead skin cells and vellus hair, also known as peach fuzz, to reveal a smoother, brighter complexion.

How does Dermaplaning work?

During a Dermaplaning treatment, a trained skincare professional uses a sterile, surgical-grade scalpel to carefully remove the uppermost layer of dead skin and vellus hair. This process reveals fresh, vibrant skin underneath and promotes faster cell turnover.

Is Dermaplaning safe?

Yes, Dermaplaning is a safe, non-invasive treatment when performed by trained skincare professionals. Like any procedure, there can be potential risks and side effects, which your healthcare provider will discuss with you.

What are the benefits of Dermaplaning?

Dermaplaning can improve skin texture and tone, reduce the appearance of fine lines, increase skincare absorption, and provide an overall brighter complexion. It also prepares the skin for further treatments, allowing them to penetrate deeper and work more effectively.

How long does a Dermaplaning treatment take?

A typical Dermaplaning treatment can take between 30 to 60 minutes, depending on the specific procedure and the size of the treatment area.

What are the possible side effects of Dermaplaning?

Side effects of Dermaplaning are typically minimal and temporary. They may include redness, skin sensitivity, and mild swelling.

How many Dermaplaning treatments will I need?

The number of Dermaplaning treatments needed can vary based on your specific skin condition and goals. Your skincare professional can provide a customized treatment plan.

When will I see results from Dermaplaning?

Many patients see visible improvements in skin texture and tone immediately after a Dermaplaning treatment. However, results can vary based on individual skin conditions.

Who is a good candidate for Dermaplaning?

Dermaplaning is suitable for all skin types and can be particularly beneficial for those with dry skin, fine lines, mild acne scars, and dull skin. However, a consultation with a skincare professional is necessary to determine if it's the right treatment for you.

What is the recovery time after Dermaplaning?

Dermaplaning generally has no downtime, and most people can return to their regular activities immediately. However, skin may be sensitive to sunlight immediately after the procedure, so applying a broad-spectrum sunscreen is recommended.

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    Illuminate Your Complexion with Dermaplaning: The Gentle Solution to Exfoliation


    A radiant and glowing complexion is often associated with healthy and youthful skin. As we age, our skin’s natural exfoliation process can slow down, leading to dullness and uneven texture. Dermaplaning emerges as a gentle and effective solution to exfoliation, helping to reveal a brighter and smoother complexion. This article explores the wonders of dermaplaning, how it works, and why it has become a favored choice for individuals seeking a gentle yet illuminating skincare treatment.

    Understanding Dermaplaning

    Dermaplaning is a non-invasive exfoliation technique that involves using a surgical scalpel to gently remove dead skin cells and fine vellus hairs, commonly known as “peach fuzz.” This procedure is performed by skilled skincare professionals, leaving the skin rejuvenated and glowing.

    The Gentle Exfoliation Experience

    Consultation and Skin Assessment

    Before undergoing dermaplaning, a thorough consultation with a skincare specialist is conducted. During this assessment, the specialist evaluates your skin type, concerns, and medical history to ensure that dermaplaning is a suitable treatment for you.

    The Dermaplaning Procedure

    During the procedure, your skin will be thoroughly cleansed to remove any impurities. The skincare specialist will then use a sterile surgical scalpel to gently glide across your skin, delicately removing the outermost layer of dead skin cells and peach fuzz. The process is painless and generally well-tolerated by most individuals.

    Post-Treatment Skincare

    Following dermaplaning, your skin may appear slightly red, similar to a mild sunburn. Your specialist will recommend gentle skincare products to use in the days following the treatment, along with sunscreen to protect your freshly exfoliated skin.

    The Illuminating Effects of Dermaplaning

    Brightened Complexion: By eliminating the build-up of dead skin cells, dermaplaning instantly brightens the complexion, leaving it looking fresh and revitalized.

    Smooth Skin Texture: Dermaplaning’s gentle exfoliation softens the skin’s texture, reducing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and rough patches.

    Enhanced Skincare Product Absorption: With the removal of the outermost layer of skin, skincare products can penetrate more effectively, maximizing their benefits.

    Flawless Makeup Application: Dermaplaning creates a smooth canvas, allowing makeup to be applied more evenly and with a flawless finish.

    Temporary Hair Removal: While not a hair removal treatment, dermaplaning does remove vellus hairs, providing a temporary smoothness to the skin.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Q: Is dermaplaning suitable for all skin types?

    A: Dermaplaning is generally safe for most skin types, including sensitive skin. However, those with severe acne or certain skin conditions may not be ideal candidates.

    Q: How often should I get dermaplaning done?

    A: The frequency of dermaplaning treatments may vary based on individual skin concerns and goals. For most individuals, treatments can be done every 3 to 4 weeks.

    Q: Does dermaplaning cause the hair to grow back thicker?

    A: No, dermaplaning does not change the texture or color of hair. The fine vellus hairs will grow back as they were before the treatment.

    Q: Is dermaplaning safe?

    A: Yes, when performed by a trained professional, dermaplaning is a safe and non-invasive procedure.

    Q: Can I combine dermaplaning with other skincare treatments?

    A: Yes, dermaplaning can be combined with other treatments, such as chemical peels or facials, to enhance overall results.


    Illuminate your complexion with the gentle exfoliation of dermaplaning. This non-invasive treatment effectively reveals a radiant and smooth complexion, leaving you with skin that glows from within. Embrace the illuminating effects of dermaplaning as it transforms your skin and enhances your natural beauty.